Fifty90 “…third year in a row…best values of the show and beyond”

6moons PranaFidelity

Fifty90 Speakers

What more can I say about PranaFidelity that I have not said in past years? For all of you chuckleheads who keep complaining about the ever-increasing cost of high-end audio, get yourself a pair of Steve Norber’s Fifty90 speakers ($3’950/pr) and never look back. For at least the third year in a row, I am going to vote these speakers among the best values of the show and beyond). Steve also has another speaker model, the Vayu/fs at $6’950. Formerly of Edge Electronics, Steve also designs his own electronics: the 400wpc Purna/ma amplifier ($8’950), Purna/ca preamplifier (full function preamp with MM/MC phono stage, $4’500 – $9’950 depending on single-ended vs. balanced line and/or phono stage options). Sources in the room were Steve’s personal Kuzma Stabi Reference turntable with Denon 103 MC cartridge (not for sale), J-Corder Technics RS 1500 reel to reel tape deck with Charles King output tape preamp and a ModWright modified Oppo CD player.  Between the great sound, Steve’s charming personality and the wonderful music selections, I could have stayed in this room all day!

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