Audio Oasis Award

Now here was a very pleasant surprise…and it was just directly across the hall from the PF hospitality room! In this room, Steven Norber and Ying Tan were running one of the intensely musical spaces at THE Show.


The equipment included the PranaFidelity Vayu/fs speakers, the Purna preamplifier and amplifier, and some great sources:  A Basis Audio 2200 Signature Turntable and Superarm with MY Sonic Labs Ultra Eminent cartridge, an Ampex ATR-102 reconditioned by Bernie Grundman, and a Luxman D-08 SACD/CD player. All were cabled with Kubala-Sosna.


Steven Norber of PranaFidelity, a portrait

The results on both tape and LP were fantastic. Though the room was smallish and rather narrow…Steven chose to run the system on the wide side of the space…the music felt immersive, and not overwhelming. Ying Tan had some great LPs, as usual, while the tapes played were definite kick-ass material. Certainly the Vayu/fs speakers are one of the real steals of high-end audio right now, at only $6,950 in their basic finish. Incredible kick and value. And the Purna electronics mated quite synergistically, as one would expect with a single designer at the helm.

The results were harmonic, organic, and musically rich. There was a ton that was right about this room…its seductive quality was undeniable.

Quick! An Audio Oasis! Award for Steven and Ying!

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